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See What Your Kids Do ONLINE

The most amazing Remote Keylogger And Spy Software

PC Tattletale is powerful remote keylogger and Spy software. It lets you see everything they do on the computer in amazing detail from any remote location.

Secretly see everything you child, spouse, or employees do on the computer from your Iphone,Ipad, Android or PC. Easy to install. You will be able to see everything they do on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pintrest, email and more. Ideal for parents teachers, and business owners. Provides realtime remote viewing. You can even see what they did when you are not around.

Parents who are concerned about what their kids are doing online. What sites they go to. Who they talk to. You can find out if you kids are doing their homework or not and more...

You are able to see everything they did from a remote computer, iPhone, ipad, or Android Device.. Keystrokes are sent right to your email box. PC Tattletale is super easy to install and requires little technical knowledge. The software can be installed in just a few minutes and you will receive their keystrokes, password, emails, and more sent right to your email box.

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PC Tattletale


PC Tattletale 10.14

User reviews about PC Tattletale

  • Shawn Temoana

    by Shawn Temoana

    mama. i like the game because you need to stay away from mama

  • by Anonymous

    Good keylogger and spy software that works. I like how you can see what they do with videos and you can watch the videos from a differe More

  • by Anonymous

    Easy remote keylogger and spy software for parents. We found this software very easy to watch what our kids are doing online.  It does More

  • by Anonymous

    Easy remote keystroke logger&spying software, everyone can use it on his PC. Very easy to use keylogger and spying software for wat More

  • Peter Umeh

    by Peter Umeh

    Only keystroke logger that would work on Windows 10 for me other didnt. Only keystroke logger I could find that works on Windows 10. Ot More

  • by Anonymous

    Easy keylogger and spying software that can record windows and android too.. This is good software if you want to do keylogging and spy More